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How to Personalize Your Fine Jewelry

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Want to make your piece of fine jewelry truly one-of-a-kind? Check out our best advice for adding that personal touch to your jewelry!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: A custom ring featuring a natural, brilliant cut, 0,92 carat green sapphire set in solid 14K yellow gold

We put tremendous value on the treasures in our jewelry box! Your entrancing fine jewelry pieces aren’t something you just wear; each piece usually means a lot to us as well.

Whether you’ve inherited your gems, been given them as gifts, or gotten something special for yourself, there’s no doubt that your fine jewelry is of great importance to you.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Two Nangi-rings in two different cuts. Read more about gemstone cuts & shapes.

So, if you are looking to make a jewelry piece extra unique and significant, personalizing it might do the trick!

Here are our four best tips to personalize your fine jewelry:

1. Engrave a special message

Since the beginning of time, humans have used symbols and words to create meaning. Engraving a special message on a piece of jewelry will add that personal touch an affectionate gift requires.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Jenny's engraved gold bands with her & Danukas wedding date, as well as the name and birth date of their two sons.

We love engraving, but we've also found a new way to use this method: Nangi has turned engraving upside-down—literally—our rings are engraved on the outside!

Here's how Jenny came up with this idea:

"For a long time, I wanted to create a simple, but personal, gold ring for myself. But the challenge was how to make it just that—personal. I’ve always loved engravings, but found it a bit sad that they are not visible when I glance down on my fingers, as engravings are typically located inside of the ring band. Being able to see these small details is what I love most about rings; the fact that you can admire them all day—contrary to earrings or necklaces that are only visible to others. That's when I got the idea of outside engravings! Now I can always see the engraving which means so much to me (my wedding date, our wedding initials, the name of my two sons and the day I gave birth to them). To top it off, I wanted to add a small but beautiful detail in the band: a tiny lab-grown diamond 💎

I was so happy with the result that I've added these rings to our webshop, so that more people can do the same. These gold bands stack perfectly with any ring or stack! You can create your very own personal ring as we can engrave whatever you would like. It could be a simple power message to yourself that reminds you to stay strong, a word or a sentence that means a lot to you, the name of your parents, your children, your love, the day you were born, graduated, or did something you're really proud of. The possibilities are endless!"

Read Jenny & Danuka's story and how Nangi came about here.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: The Arabic inscription we made for a Swedish couple with Arabic roots in their wedding bands. Engraving is complementary when you buy a gold band from Nangi.

Traditionally, engraving is placed on the inside of the ring as shown above. When buying a gold band from Nangi, engraving is complementary. Check out our rings here.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Her Love Band with her husband's inital and their wedding date. Engraving is complementary when you buy a gold band from Nangi.

We love helping couples engrave their wedding bands, but it doesn’t have to be constrained to the traditional date of the wedding day and your names in it. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a wedding band. Anything can be engraved! And with whatever message you'd like!

You could write the initials of your family names, pets and children included; you could write the date on which you first kissed; engrave a phrase from a song you both love or a favorite poem; or perhaps the cute nicknames you use for each other!

An engraved piece of jewelry is a perfect gift to a loved one, and there are numerous engraving ideas!

2. Choose birthstones

A very popular jewelry trend these days are birthstones!

Don’t know your birthstone? Check out our birthstone guide.

Each month has one or a few particular gemstones designated to it. Giving a present with a loved one’s birthstone is a great way to personalize a gift.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: A special custom project for the coolest family. Each family member received their very own specially designed ring featuring their birthstone as the centre piece.

The men in the same family also received their own unique ring! Male rings are not too common here in Scandinavia, but the trend is definitely picking up.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Custom rings made for the male members of a family.

Nowadays, it’s rather common to give push presents when a woman becomes a mother.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Nangi girl Gjertrud was surprised with a birthstone ring as a push present by her husband, Tore, after the birth of their son, Oskar. The beautiful family is pictured below.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Her push present was a mesmerizing green and champagne tourmaline ring, the birthstone of October, the month their baby boy Oskar was born.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Choosing a birthstone is ideal for push presents, birthday presents as well as alternative engagement rings. Birthstone rings are a perfect way to show how much you appreciate your love!

Check every month's birthstone here.

3. Recycle your gold

We all have jewelry lying around that we rarely use. Some necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings in solid gold are almost never worn. It could be something you’ve inherited that doesn’t fit your style, or jewelry designs from years back that you’ve simply outgrown.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Wedding bands created out of our client's own gold.

Gold is valuable and it also carries a lot of emotional value. Why not turn that perfectly fine gold into something you’d actually want to wear every day? It’s an awesome way to personalize a piece of jewelry!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Inherited gold that's ready for a new beginning. Contact us for more information if you would like to give new life to your old gold jewelry.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Brand new and gorgeous wedding bands together with the left-over gold that is handed back to the client if they ever want to create more pieces in the future.

We are more than happy to create unique wedding bands or a stunning gold band if you want a ring to add to your stack out of your own gold. Get inspired by checking out our custom pieces and talk to us if you want to know how to proceed if recycling your gold interests you.

4. Customize it completely!

The ultimate personalized jewelry piece is of course completely custom-made. That way you get to choose the material (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum), the gemstones or diamonds that entice you the most, what cut and shape the gems should have, and the entire design of your fine jewelry piece.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: A crazy custom cocktail ring featuring a gorgeous red Garnet.

Where you place the gemstones and how they are set in accordance to each other, is also something to consider when creating a custom piece. In the family-project mentioned above, the lab-grown diamonds are placed in a certain order to symbolize which family branch the member belongs to.

Nangi Fine JewelryNangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Custom rings where the side-diamonds are placed in a certain order to symbolize which family branch each family member belongs to.

Another amazing example of a personalized piece is the ring below. The name of our client's daughter is Tala, which means "bright star" in Filipino. She therefore wanted a diamond star set to symbolize their daughter, which gives the ring a very special meaning. The two diamonds on each side symbolize her and her husband.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: A custom love-band made out of recycled gold featuring a star-set diamond.

The beauty below is a custom piece that was created by a husband who wanted to treat his wife of 40 years(!) with her favorite gemstone, the ruby, surrounded by four diamonds, symbolizing their four decades together ❤️❤️❤️❤️⁣

The most thoughtful anniversary gift ever, right?

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: A custom ring featuring a 0,59 carat cushion cut, natural ruby and four 1,5 mm lab-grown diamonds totaling 0,06 carat.

We get very excited about personalized jewelry, and would be more than happy to help out with ideas and input on how to create that perfect, personal fine jewelry piece just for you.

Please contact us if you want to talk about personalizing your jewelry!

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