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Scandinavian Simplicity Meets The Colorful East

Nangi drop

Nangi is a fine jewelry brand with its roots in contemporary Scandinavian design inspired by the colorful East.

Founded in 2017, we’re Europe’s first fine jewelry brand using sustainable lab-grown diamonds and colorful gemstones from Sri Lanka. Our purpose is to help our sisters feel powerful and stand out in a crowd.

Our Offer

In addition to collection pieces, Nangi offers custom design including engagement rings and wedding rings on request.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

The Story

We are Jenny Gørvell-Dahll and Danuka Hewage, and in 2017 we founded Nangi. Here’s the story of how Nangi was created.Since we became a couple back in 2013, we’ve always dreamed of creating something together. We wanted to make something unique, something that could build on our business experience, and at the same time cherish our heritage.

As Danuka's parents are born in Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital, the island has naturally been our preferred destination whenever we have time off. During many of our stays here, we discovered that the island offers a vast selection of jewelry and most notably precious gemstones. In fact, Sri Lanka is known as “The Island of Jewels”.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Jenny’s passion for jewelry started when she was a little girl in Bergen, Norway, watching her mom design pearl jewelry and sell them to friends. In Sri Lanka, she fell in love with the beautiful, colored gemstones she found in abundance there, but never saw in any jewelry back in Norway. She wondered how the gorgeous gems would look set in a simpler, more Nordic design.

Together, we envisioned a new, colorful jewelry brand that would combine the best of both worlds, and so Nangi was born.

When we’re not obsessing over gemstones (which is most of the time), we are busy taking care of our family. We live in Oslo with our two little boys, Julian & Nicholas, and our dog, Tassy.

If you want to get to know us better, head over to this article about us ☺

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Little Sister & CSR

We are motivated by creating colorful and sustainable jewelry that also brings something back to the people and community of Sri Lanka. The word «Nangi» means «little sister» in ​Sinhala, one of the languages spoken in Sri Lanka, and is also a loving way of addressing a girl that is younger than you. Nangi's mission is to help girls around the world, our little sisters, kick ass in life. Danuka's grandmother has volunteered at an orphanage for young girls in Sri Lanka for several years, and it therefore felt natural to us to focus our CSR effors here. Learn more about the orphanage and our dedication to CSR here.


Nangi's philosophy is based on sustainability through timelessness. Our jewelry is made of solid and durable gold that won't tarnish or discolor over time, and we only use natural gemstones. Natural gemstones take a billion years to form and will live through generations. Gold as an element is as old as the known universe, created at the same time as the Big Bang, approximately 14 billion years ago. Bearing this in mind when crafting each piece adds an extra dimension to our jewelry.

Nangi is sustainable in the sense that fine jewelry can be worn every single day - and will not fade or lose its value. Contrary to the last decade's rise of "fast fashion" and landfills full of hardly used items, Nangi strives to design the jewelry so it retains its beauty - season after season. This is also the reason why we are proud to be the first and only Norwegian jeweler to offer sustainable lab-grown diamonds. With Nangi's fine jewelry you are making a lifelong investment.

Why the drop-shaped logo?

This is the shape of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and also represents the Norwegian city and Jenny's home town, Bergen, as this is one of the cities in the world that enjoys most rain.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

We hope you like our jewelry!

<3 Jenny & Danuka

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