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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Lab-grown diamonds are increasingly popular. Rightfully so, as they’re the only sustainable alternative to mined diamonds.

Pictured above: our

Nangi is the first and only jeweler offering lab-grown diamonds in Norway.

Check out why we’ve chosen to offer lab-grown diamonds.

Here are five reasons you also should consider diamonds grown in a lab:

1. They’re real diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are not synthetic, as the industry might have you believe. Lab-grown diamonds share the same quality and properties as mined diamonds. They are atomically identical and are therefore 100% real!

Pictured above: Our Swan Collection

2. They’re conflict-free

Most jewelers offering diamonds don’t know where they come from. Many diamonds sadly come from areas of conflict and war, and contribute to miserable conditions for the communities around the mines. This is a big issue with the diamond mining industry.

Pictured above: Diamond Snake Tail Earring in White Gold

Lab-grown diamonds are ethical and conflict-free in a sense that you know with 100% certainty where the diamonds come from.

Find our beautiful lab-grown diamonds in our shop.

3. They’re sustainable

The diamond mining industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. For each carat diamond made, 250 tons of soil is removed, 500 liters of water is used, and the air is majorly polluted by all the machines and vehicles handling and transporting the items.

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a more sustainable way. Only green and renewable energy sources are used when recreating the conditions to form a diamond in a lab. Our suppliers of lab-diamonds only use solar, wind or hydropower to create these stunning gemstones.

Check out how the process is done here.

4. More value for your money

With a lab-grown diamond you get more value for your money. It’s not free, but due to the shorter supply chain and no middlemen markups, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds.

Pictured above: Our Swan Tail rings

5. They’re amazingly beautiful

Lab-grown-diamonds hold the same top quality as mined diamonds. They are just as stunning, and they are equally hard on Mohs hardness scale (at 10 out of 10). And they shine just as bright as their mined counterparts!

Lab-grown diamonds are simply the future!

Check out our wonderful collection of lab-grown diamonds here.

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