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How to find your partner's ring size

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Choosing the perfect engagement or gift ring is an exciting endeavor, but there's one small detail that can make or break the surprise—finding the right ring size. Fear not, as we embark on a quest to decode the mystery of ring sizing without spoiling the surprise.

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Stealth Mode Measurements

  • Sneak into their jewelry box: Borrow a ring they currently wear on the intended finger and trace the inner circle on a piece of paper. Voila, you have a circumference measurement!
  • Swipe a ring they don't wear often: Slip a ring off their finger unnoticed, and you're armed with a size reference. Ensure it's from the correct finger, though! Then you can bring the ring to our showroom, if you are Oslo based - or you can bring it to your local jeweler.
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In Cahoots with Friends and Family

  • Recruit their inner circle: Enlist the help of close friends or family who might know their ring size. They could casually bring up the topic or even take them shopping under some pretext.
  • Seek the BFF alliance: Best friends often share such secrets. If your partner has a confidante, they might have the inside scoop.
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Above: our signature Snake Tails

The Tech Trickery

  • Smartphone to the rescue: If your partner has a ring they wear on the desired finger, find a ring-sizing app. These apps use augmented reality to measure the size based on a photo. We've tried to test some of these ourselves, and haven't had much luck with getting the correct size in the app. So be mindful of the accuracy with some of these apps.
  • Virtual window shopping: Encourage your partner to browse online jewelry stores with you. Nonchalantly discuss ring sizes as you explore.
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The Size Spy

  • If your partner has a favorite jeweler or frequently buys jewelry, the jeweler might have their size on record, here at Nangi we keep track of all our adjustments - don't be afraid to reach out! A discreet inquiry can save the day.
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Radiant cut diamonds are a favorite among the staff

Casual Conversations

  • Clever conversations: Bring up discussions about jewelry or friends' engagements. Casually inquire about their preferences and whether they've ever thought about their ideal ring size.
  • Window shopping outing: Suggest a spontaneous visit to a jewelry store while strolling through a mall or passing by. Take the opportunity to try on rings and discuss sizes.
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Remember, the quest for the perfect ring is an adventure in itself. Be creative, subtle, and observant. Whether you crack the code through stealthy measurements, enlist allies, or use tech-savvy methods, the effort will undoubtedly add a delightful layer to the eventual surprise. Happy hunting!

PS. If you still are unsure about the size - you can get the ready-to-ship size, and come back to see us to find the perfect size. First adjustment is always on us!

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