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Nangi is a boutique jewelry design studio specializing in unique and ethical engagement rings and fine jewelry pieces for those special occasions

Founded in Norway in 2017, we're Europe's first fine jewelry brand using sustainable lab-grown diamonds and rare gemstones from Sri Lanka.

One Of A Kind Collection

Nangi Lab-grown diamond engagement ring

Guilt-Free Engagement Rings

Discover the future of love and sustainability with our exquisite collection of lab-grown diamond rings.

Our purpose is to help our sisters feel powerful and stand out in a crowd


We Are Nangi

We are Jenny and Danuka, and in 2017 we founded Nangi. Here’s the story of how Nangi was created.

Rare Gem Engagement Rings

Rare Gemstone Engagement Rings

Inspired by nature and the creatures that inhabit it, we source rare ethical gemstones from Sri Lanka to craft unique engagement rings that set you apart.

custom gemstones

Crafted Just For You

If you want to create a piece of jewelry like no other, we offer our custom design service. Make your ring stand out with a unique, handpicked gem from our exclusive collection.

Nangi Fine Jewelry CSR orphanage Sri Lanka

Nangi Gives Back

Did you know that Nangi means little sister in Sri Lankan? We chose the name Nangi because our mission is to support our sisters all over the world. Not just by offering fine jewelry that makes girls and women feel confident and good. We also help our little sisters – our "nangis" – in Sri Lanka.

Studio Store

Visit Us

We invite you to depart from the traditional jewelry retail experience and explore something a little more personal. Please note that in July, our Studio Store is only open for private appointments.

Discover Our Universe

Jenny: Boss Superstar of Nangi

Jenny: Boss Superstar of Nangi

In today's article, we take a deep dive into the story behind our favorite boss and the founder of Nangi, Jenny. From a background in business consulting and hydrogen development to creating a unique jewelry brand, Jenny has had a fascinating journey. We will explore her inspirations, challenges, and passion for jewelry, as well as how she has balanced entrepreneurial life with family life. Through Jenny's own words and experiences, we gain insight into what drives her and what makes Nangi the successful company it is today. Join us on a journey through Jenny's world, from the early days of Instagram posts to a fully-fledged jewelry empire.

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Nangi is headed back to Copenhagen in August! We can’t wait to be back in the city of enchanting canals, captivating design, and delightful hygge! Book a private appointment with us and discover new designs, one-of-a-kind pieces and exclusives.

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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond Cut for Your Finger Type

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond Cut for Your Finger Type

When it comes to selecting the ideal diamond for your engagement ring or any other jewelry piece, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the diamond cut. The cut not only determines the diamond's sparkle and brilliance but also plays a significant role in enhancing the overall appearance of your hand. Different diamond cuts complement various finger shapes and sizes differently. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect diamond cut based on your finger type

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Ida: Tech, Jewelry & Entrepreneurship

Ida: Tech, Jewelry & Entrepreneurship

Ida is a remarkable woman with a passion for technology, jewelry, and entrepreneurship. As the CTO of Nangi, her own company Noba, and recently recognized as one of Norway's foremost women in development, she has made her mark on both the tech world and the jewelry industry. We at Nangi greatly admire Ida and want all of you who follow Nangi to get to know her a little better!

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Celebrate Green Month with Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Perfect April Gift

Celebrate Green Month with Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Perfect April Gift

April is not just about blooming flowers and springtime vibes; it's also known as the Green Month, a time to celebrate sustainability and eco-conscious living. What better way to honor this month than by choosing lab-grown diamonds, the birthstone of April, as the perfect gift or purchase?

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