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Newsflash: Not All Sapphires Are Blue

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Most people think sapphires only come in blue, but we’re about to bust that myth! You can actually get these gorgeous gemstones in a rainbow of colors.

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Beautiful sapphires are known to symbolize the soul and a sign of true romance, and is one of the most popular gemstones around the world.

Any girl should have one, really!

But a common mistake is to think that sapphires are all blue – they’re not.

Yes, most sapphires are blue

Now, it is true that most sapphires come in a spectrum of blue colors, from light sky blue to deep ocean blue and down to black.

Even the name derives from the ancient Greek for blue stones, sappheiros.

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Stunning Sapphire is the September Birthstone

But not many people are aware that sapphires come in a range of other vibrant colors as well.

You can in fact get your sapphire bling in shades of lush green, warm orange, and bright pink and cool purple. Some sapphires can even change color!

These colorful gemstones rocking the entire rainbow have been given the suitable name “fancy sapphires”.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Just as good (or perhaps better!)

Sapphire belongs to a group of mineral stones called corundum. When the corundum stone is blue, it’s a sapphire, a red one is a ruby, and all other colored stones are fancy sapphires.

These stunning stones are very hard, second only to diamonds (10) on Mohs hardness scale (1-10), ranging in at 9.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

That means that fancy sapphires are just as good, both in quality and brilliance, as blue ones – or maybe even better, and definitely more fun and unique!

At Nangi we love colors, and our sapphire rings come in a wide range of hues, like green, pink, blue and purple.

Have a look at our Sapphire Rings here!

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