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November Birthstone: Citrine and Topaz and Their Fire Energy

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As one of the months represented by two striking gemstones, November promises new level hotness with sexy citrine and vibrant topaz.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

The birthstones for November, citrine and topaz, are both found in golden, warm yellow and orange tones. But topaz also exists in a variety of different colors, most commonly seen in energetic blue with a hint of turquoise.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

This custom design piece, Topaz & Diamonds, features a 0,93 carat natural, blue topaz set in 14K solid yellow gold surrounded by three round brilliant lab-grown diamonds.

Rich Passion

It’s all about passion and prosperity with these two marvels — which couldn’t be a better fit for sensual Scorpios and adventurous Sagittarius’ born in November.

What Is Your Birthstone?

Dazzling citrine is in fact said to be a gift from the sun, but did you also know it’s called the “money stone”? So, if you’d like to invite more wealth into your life, citrines are for you!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: A custom piece featuring a baby citrine for a girl who is expecting a baby this November

They’ve long been believed to help bring success to anyone who wears them. But beware, citrines also encourage you to share your good fortune with those around you ;)

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Citrines have a great durability and score a 7 on Mohs scale for gemstone hardness.

Check out custom design rings with citrine and topaz.

Getting Hot in Here

The other November birthstone, lavish topaz in all its beautiful shades, also knows how to crank up the heat. We mean that literally! In the Middle Ages, they believed wearing a topaz could actually increase your body temperature, helping you fight off illness and lunacy.

That Moon Magic

Some also think the word “topaz” stems from the Sanskrit word “tapas” meaning “fire”. Obviously, this gem is meant to entice hotness in all aspects of life.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

This breathtaking Royal Cocktail Ring features an insane 10,80 ct swiss blue topaz set with double claws in solid white gold.

In all seriousness, though, topaz is one of the most powerful gemstones out there.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Topaz is claimed to help realign the energy points of your body, balancing your emotions, enhancing your mental powers and keeping communications clear, both with yourself and others. Now, we sure find that hot ;)

Get In On Those Gemstone Superpowers

Topaz gemstones are a notch harder than their birthstone partners citrines, landing at 8 on Mohs scale for gemstone hardness.

Check out the November birthstones in our Nangi shop.

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