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September Birthstone: Stunning Sapphire

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The September birthstone sapphire is believed to bring inner peace and harmony to your life. Just what a hardworking girl needs when summer has long waned!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

September can be a stressful month. Summer vacations seem like forever, and it’s full speed ahead at work.

It might be wise not to take on too much so you won’t be thrown off balance.

A Month for Finding Balance

Perhaps you could use some of the calming energy from one of the most precious gemstones in history?

The September birthstone, sapphire, has magical properties that can help you restore harmony in your life.

Because of their hardness, ranking only second to diamonds, sapphires are considered one of the strongest gemstones there is. [1]

Tapping into that inner strength is something a stunning sapphire can inspire you to.

The magnificent blue-colored sapphires also symbolize the deepness of the soul, and September invites you to connect with your true self.

Check out our sapphire rings here.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Slow Down and Shine, Virgos and Libras

This holds especially true if you’re a fierce Virgo, the first zodiac sign of September.

As dedicated, strong-willed and hardworking people, Virgos can most definitely benefit from taking special care of yourself in September.

Not only do sapphires bring about inner peace, they will also boost your creativity and meditative practice.

Meditation is also a great tip for outgoing Libras born in September. Now is the time to take a deep breath and stay still.

Libras thrive in harmonious relationships and conflict-free environments, and are most happy when surrounded by soothing pink and green colors.

Luckily, the September birthstone doesn’t only come in blue!

Newsflash: Not All Sapphires Are Blue

Sapphires can actually be found in gorgeous greens, fun pink and fine champagne.

Now, take inspiration from these magical sapphires; slow down and shine in September!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

[1] GIA

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