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A Guide To Gemstone Cuts & Shapes

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How the gemstone is cut affects its brilliance and value. Here are the shapes and cuts to look for when searching for that perfect gem!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

The Nangi gemstones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bigger the gem, the higher the value usually rings true, but the shape and cut of the stone also matter.

Now, if you want to learn more about the size of a jewel, head over to the article on the difference between carat and karat. There you can also read up on gold purity.

Read on, however, to find out how many facets a gem can have, and how this number is crucial for it's worth.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

So, the general rule is this: The higher the number of facets (meaning how many sides the gemstone is cut into), the more brilliantly it shines. And the more brilliance it exuberates, the more valuable and expensive the piece of jewelry is!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Here’s a guide to the ten most common gemstone shapes and cuts:

1. Pear Cut

Nangi’s signature teardrop gem is the beautiful pear cut. Resembling a teardrop, the pear cut is rounded in one end and has a tapered point in the other end. This cut was first made for a diamond in Belgium as early as 1458.

The pear cut is excellent for earrings and pendants as well as for gemstone rings.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

The pear cut has one of the highest number of facets of any gemstone cuts. With 71 facets, the pear cut stunningly reflects light and color. This makes it an exquisite cut for any type of gemstone, whether it’s a diamond, sapphire or tourmaline.

It’s said that the pear cut symbolizes tears of joy, and that the shape fits perfectly to a woman who feels confident, empowered and dares to walk to the beat of her own drum.

Due to their elongated shape, pear-shaped gems make the wearer's fingers appear longer and slimmer.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Check out our teardrop-shaped jewelry in our Drop Dead Gorgeous collection. Pictured above:

2. Oval Cut

The elegant oval cut is always a winner! It’s slightly longer than the round brilliant cut, and has an elliptical shape when viewed from above. The oval cut normally has 69 facets, and offers excellent brilliance in a timeless shape.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: One of our Oval Peacocks stacked with Swan Tail

The elongated shape helps create the illusion of size. Rings set with an oval gemstone don’t just make the stone look larger, either. The shape also creates the illusion of longer lines, making your finger appear longer and thinner, too!

A famous oval cut ring can be found on Kate Middleton’s ring finger. Her amazing 12-carat oval cut sapphire engagement ring was given to her by Prince William, inherited by his mother, Princess Diana.

Some of our oval cut gemstones are found among our Flamingos and Peacocks, which are in high demand!

3. Round (Brilliant) Cut

It’s said that the round cut is most efficient in making a gem sparkle through its 57 facets! As the name suggests, the round cut gemstones are round-shaped.

The round cut is one of the more challenging cuts to create, which is also why it’s one of the most expensive cuts out there. Doesn’t it look fab, though?

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Big Swan & White Gold

We have plenty of gorgeous round cuts in our assortment, take a look at our round cut treasures here.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Also, check out our wonderful Baby Peacock (pictured above), a true Nangi staple!

4. Trillion Cut

Another admired gemstone cut is the trillion cut. Our Adams Peak rings (named after the sacred mountain in Sri Lanka) are triangular-shaped, cut as trillions.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Trillion cut gems give a unique kind of vibe. A gemstone ring with a trillion cut will make any girl stand out in a crowd!

Check out our Adams Peak collection or source your very own trillion cut gemstone by creating your very own customized piece of jewelry together with us.

5. Asscher Cut

An Asscher cut gem has a square shape, but with distinct cropped corners. It’s named after the Asscher brothers who are said to have invented this cut in 1902.

This cut became even more popular when Season 3 of Sex and the City aired, where Aidan proposes to Carrie with a 3-carat Asscher-cut engagement ring.

See one of our gorgeous one-of-a-kind rings that feature an asscher cut yellow sapphire.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

6. Baguette Cut

As the name suggests, these gems are made in a rectangular shape, and look absolutely incredible! This cut was created during the inspiring Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Baguette cut gemstones can work either horizontally or vertically, depending on your personal preference. Have a look at our vertical baguette cut diamond in a thin gold band. Both cute and edgy, right?

Btw! Did you know that all our diamonds all lab-grown? We are the first and only jewelry brand in Norway to offer sustainable lab-diamonds.

7. Emerald Cut

Similar to the baguette cut, we find the emerald cut. It is also rectangular, but with slightly trimmed corners.

The elongated shape looks fantastic, and this cut is perfect for showing off the natural color of the gemstone!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Have a look at some of our emerald cut pieces here!

8. Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is actually one of our favorites. That’s why we chose this classic cut for Jenny’s first push present. What is a push present?

When our first son was born, Danuka gave Jenny a wild cushion cut ruby surrounded by two trillion cut diamonds. The ring symbolizes our family trio. (Since then, we’ve become a quartet).

Nangi Fine Jewelry

As you can see, the gemstone is shaped in the same style as a typical couch cushion. This cut has been around for over 200 years and share similarities with both the square cut and the Asscher cut, but can be distinguished by its more gently rounded corners and 64 facets!

9. Princess Cut

A crown favorite, the princess cut, is known as the square version of the round brilliant cut (the most expensive cut). The princess is fairly young, invented only in 1979, but became highly popular in an instant.

The light bounces perfectly off this precious cut, making the gem sparkle vigorously!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Have a look at our yellow sapphire ring surrounded by two princess cut diamonds!

10. Radiant Cut

Cross a cushion cut with a princess cut and you’ll get the radiant cut! Where the cushion cut corners are nicely rounded, the radiant cut corners are cropped in a straight line. This is a modern square style is loved especially by Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

See our radiant cut gemstones in our Nangi shop, for instance the unique Bicolored Green & Orange Sapphire with Diamonds.

11. Marquise cut

The marquise cut is a classic and historic gemstone shape that captures hearts thanks to its whimsical shape that resembles a smile. Although we don't blame you if you see something else. Marquise cut stones are also called boat-shaped and eye-shaped diamonds, or the navette. None of these are incorrect; in fact, the “navette” cut diamond, which translates from the French language to “little ship,” is often considered similar in shape to all these things.

The long-thin body and pointed ends draws the eye up, so your fingers will look longer and thinner when you're sporting this ring. Moreover, this gemstone shape's elongated body can make its appearance larger than its actual carat weight. So you'll be able to buy the same carat weight and have your gemstone look bigger than someone who purchases, say, a round brilliant diamond.

The word “marquise” is derived from French, and refers to the wife of a marquis (nobleman) – also called a marchioness. A marquise (marchioness) can also be a woman who has a high social ranking in her own right – a noblewoman.The origin of a marquise cut gemstone lies in 18th century France, during the reign of King Louis XV. It is believed that the King wanted a diamond resembling the full lips of his lover, Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, Jean Antoinette Poisson. The result was a stone that indicated high social ranking in the French court.

Despite its dramatic look, marquise cut gemstone rings are rarely seen in engagement rings; but for some non-traditional brides, that only increases the appeal. This is the perfect ring for couples looking for a unique ring to celebrate their love and devotion, and a gorgeous choice for a girl who's looking for a power ring out of the ordinary.

We can source a large selection of gemstones according to the cut, shape and color of your wishes. Get in touch with us to discuss the creation of your very own piece of custom jewelry.

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