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What Do The Colors Mean?

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We are constantly surrounded by colors emitting specific meaning to us. But do you know what the colors actually mean? Let’s tap into the powerful magic of color symbolism.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

We might not understand exactly how this works, but there’s a clear link between colors and their impact on us. It is scientifically proven that colors can affect our moods, emotions and even behaviors!

From fine jewelry, to clothing and the wallpaper in our house, colors carry information and character. They can bring out the best and worst in us. What colors we choose to wear or have around has great influence. So, to make the best color choice in any matter, it’s imperative that you know the significance of colors.

Here’s a rundown of 11 colors and their meaning.


One of the most beloved colors out there is blue. It has an alluring energy that attracts many. Blue is a color for the cool, calm and powerful. The color symbolizes trust and competence, and its depth will give you soul wisdom and its lightness will give you a sense of perfection.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Our stunning Royal Blue & Diamonds.

The most coveted blue gemstone is the stunning sapphire. Sapphires are usually blue (but not all). Many of our rings in the Peacock collection are sapphires. Take a look at our wonderful blue gems here.

Other beautiful blue jewels are tanzanite and topaz, which are the birthstones of December and November.


Green makes us instantly think of the elements around us, like grass, plants, trees and nature. No wonder the freshness of green is usually associated with spring and rebirth. It’s all about growth and harmony in life, a color that will easily soothe your emotions. Fun fact; recent studies show that when people look at the color green for several seconds, their pulse rate slows and their blood pressure drops. Incredible, right?

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Typical green gemstones include sapphires, emeralds and tourmalines. Many of our Nangi rings come in an array of greens from deeper tones to lusher greens. Take a look at all of them here.


Here’s a color that exudes passion, energy, love and romance. But as we all know, love can also hurt, so don’t be fooled; red is also the color of danger! The association to blood gives red a serious connotation, bringing out determination and willpower in us.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Red is a bold color choice, typically appearing as a statement piece. Favorited gems in red are gorgeous garnets and tourmalines, as well as the much-sought-after rubies. Check some of our gorgeous custom rings, for instance out the Red Cocktail Craziness with an insane garnet, there’s also the wild cushion cut Ruby & Trillions. Check out some of our other red treasures here.


There’s no other color that brings light and joy like yellow. It’s a fun, spontaneous and hopeful attention grabber that will brighten up any day. You simply can’t have a look at our Sunshine Solitude and not feel happy! A paler version of yellow will also bring your mind to think of things natural and healthy. Perhaps Yellow Adams Peak will make you think of spectacular sunrises on mountain tops? Find your own yellow favorite here.

Nangi Fine Jewelry


The color of queens and kings – purple has long been associated with the ruling classes, mostly because purple dye was so expensive. Only the rich could afford purple. That makes this color historically connected to wealth and luxury. Purple also radiates magic and spirituality, and is the color for those who like a little mystery in their life.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: A stunning custom ring that is sold to a lucky client

Amethyst is the most well-known gemstone in purple, but other purple jewel options include tourmalines and sapphires as well. Shop our gorgeous purple gems here.


Now, here’s a color that has gravity and demands respect. Black is a color that includes all other colors. The richness of black is therefore associated with exclusivity, elegance, sophistication and power. Take a look at the alluring depth of The Black Panther Solitude, or our classics Black Swan and Snake Tail. Anything black will make you feel confident, successful and glamorous!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Our edgy and beautiful Snake Tail Earrings

Check out more black treasures here.


On the counter opposite, white is pure light, exuberating innocence, virtue and purity. It gives a sense of simplicity and minimalism. White is clean, modern and will always feel like timeless luxury. It brings out calm, peace and optimism in us.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Many sapphires are white, and so are our lab-grown diamonds. Check out Bohemian Girl & White Sapphires, this gorgeous girl holds five natural white sapphires set elegantly in 18K solid yellow gold! Find your perfect white gem here.


Many would think of grey as a boring or conservative color, but we all know there are fifty shades of grey, right? Grey does symbolize wisdom and stability, as well as dignity and compromise, but it actually also has a futuristic and sometimes kinky vibe to it.

Nangi Fine Jewelry


Brown is elegant but down-to-earth, it is a friendly, dependable and warm color. It helps you see things clearly with honesty and wholesomeness. Brown is a color linked to earth, and can thus help us feel grounded and safe.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Take a look at Champagne Cocktail Craziness. We made this stunning ring for a customer, a completely one-of-a-kind champagne/brown cocktail ring.


This color oozes enthusiasm, vitality, creativity and youth. Orange is a playful and extroverted color. This color is commonly found in sapphires, garnets, topazes, citrines or tourmalines. When wearing something orange, there’s not a challenge you cannot face, and it will keep your spirit adventurous and upbeat.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Have you seen our amazing Mandarin Garnet & Diamonds Ring? Check out some of our orange treasures here.


Last but not least, pink is the color of sweetness, sensitivity and emotional connection. It is a nurturing, gentle and playful color. Many tourmalines and sapphires can be found in gorgeous pink, from funky, bright ones, to the more subtle pink hues. Add some pink if you’d like to soften up the mood ;)

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Check out our gorgeous pink pieces here.

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