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October Birthstone: Playful Tourmaline

Nangi drop

Tourmaline’s dazzling array of colors shine so bright it can summon anyone’s inner artist. October is the perfect month to up your creative game!

Pictured above: Merlot Flamingo stacked with Diamond Snake Tail

All work and no play? October is here to change that around!

The October birthstone is tourmaline, a truly outstanding gemstone that comes in endless color combinations and with mystical abilities.

Nangi Tourmalines

It’s Magnetic!

Tourmaline actually means “stone with mixed colors” in Sinhalese, one of the language spoken in Sri Lanka, and comes in various natural colors, from lovely greens to rose, red, pink, and blue, orange and champagne, including boundless shades of pastels.

With one of the widest color ranges of any gem, it’s easy to get why tourmalines are said to have enchanting qualities.

Tourmaline has often been called “the electric stone” because of its pyroelectric and magnetic powers. Back in the day, it was highly valued by alchemists, who thought they could make gold with it!

Check out one of our custom pieces that feature this stunning gemstone

Awaken the Artist Within

As a most cherished gem, tourmaline is prophesied to bring enlightenment to its owner.

The October Birthstone is in fact thought to be especially helpful to artists, authors, actors and anyone working in creative fields.

Pictured above: Coral Flamingo

October is the perfect month to channel that playful, creative spirit we all know you carry inside.

At Nangi, we believe everyone is an artist—so let colorful tourmalines guide you to your next project!

Turn Up the Heat

Whatever you feel attracted to this month, Libra, the first zodiac sign of October, simply go with it!

Bring out those paint brushes, sharpen your pencils, dig up that guitar or focus your photo lens.

October is the time to let yourself go and be guided by the magnetic sources that draw you to certain crafts, experiences and environments.

Nangi Tourmalines

For the second zodiac sign of October, passion is in the air this month.

It’s time to turn up the heat in the kitchen, or, dare we say, the bedroom! You know what we mean, you sexy Scorpio ;)

Above: a custom piece featuring a green tourmaline flanked by white sapphires

October invites you to create alchemy by coming out to play!

Libras are typically drawn to harmonious pink and green tints, whereas Scorpios have a thing for scarlets and deep reds.

Lucky for both zodiac signs, the infinite color possibilities of tourmalines, gives you a chance to find that perfect, magical, one-of-a-kind gem to spark your creative side.

See our Dine Tourmaline Rings here.

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