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What's A Push Present?

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We are loving this increasingly popular trend cherishing new moms everywhere!

Ever heard of a push present before? Not to worry, here’s a quick introduction to this new, widespread global custom.

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To All Mothers Out There

A push present is a gift given to a mother for giving birth to a child. It’s usually the boyfriend, husband or partner who surprises their loved one with a push present.

It’s called a “push present” for obvious reasons. “Pushing out a baby” is hard work, and new mothers deserve to be properly thanked for bringing new life into the world.

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Sign of Appreciation

The push present is a caring sign of the partner or husband’s understanding and appreciation of the tribulations and pain their love has endured during pregnancy and labor.

Push presents are normally given in form of fine jewelry, much like the morning gift the husband gives his wife after their wedding night.

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Read about the thoughtful push present Tore gave Gjertrud when their son Oscar was born.

Extraordinary Gems for Extraordinary Women

Typical push presents could be gold rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces. Some, however, gift tech devices, watches or handbags, but high quality fine jewelry is the general norm. Usually, a push present also includes one or several precious gemstones.

There are no rules when it comes to how and when a push present is given. It can be gifted before or after the birth of your child, and some even decide to give it in the delivery room!

Every new mom should know how extraordinary she is, why not show it with some extraordinary gems?

Check out our selection of push presents here.

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