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Planning to Pop the Question? Give it a Pop of Color!

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Not sure what ring to pick for your partner? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s the ultimate guide to finding the perfect alternative engagement ring.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Proposing is a good-frightening, wonderfully exhilarating experience, one that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

There are myriads of ways to pop the question. Proposals can be cheesy and romantic, serious or funny, laidback or grandiose.

One thing, however, is for certain: You need the perfect engagement ring!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Check out our custom-made engagement rings here.

Want to wow your future wife with an awesome alternative engagement ring? Keep reading!

Finding a Unique Engagement Ring

Every girl wants a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that will make her feel special, so it’s paramount that you find the right one.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

There are three important things to consider when shopping for an engagement ring:

1. Give it a Pop of Color

Diamond rings have been the most common engagement ring for decades, but those days are over. Girls and women of today are looking to spice it up.

So, why not surprise your love with a magnificent jewel in her favorite color?

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Choose between beautiful blue-green sapphires, tropical ocean-colored topazes, lavender amethysts, starry citrines, lush green garnets or hot red rubies, only to mention a few alternatives.

Gorgeous gemstones come in a rainbow of colors, which makes it possible to find the perfect ring to rock your girl’s hand.

To make it even more special, pick out her birthstone ring.

2. A Style That Matches Her Personality

Take a closer look at her style! It will reveal hints to the type of ring she’d love.

Is your partner the kind to strut around in flamboyant dresses or does she prefer sleek, timeless outfits?

Check out the jewelry she’s already wearing. Is she into yellow gold or white gold?

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Does she like triangles and squares, or circles and round shapes?

And yes, size does matter! Should you go for a cute and subtle stone? Or is she one to appreciate a grand statement ring that really lets the world know “I’M ENGAGED!”?

3. Highest Quality Possible

One thing you undoubtedly want to do is invest in a high-quality ring.

An engagement symbolizes the commitment to a life-long partnership. You want it to last, so make sure you get a sturdy, high-quality ring that can be worn every day.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

The stronger the stone, the higher the quality (and happier the bride).

Sapphires are a great choice, only second to diamonds in hardness. Not many people know that sapphires come in an infinite spectrum of colors!

Newsflash: Not All Sapphires Are Blue

Any green, pink or blue sapphire ring will make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and you can rest assured it will last a lifetime!

See our sapphire rings here.

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