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June Birthstone: Mystical Moonstone

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Get kinky with the June birthstone — moonstones are said to be of great help if you want to make babies! Moonstone is the mystical birthstone of June, and is adored for its elegant transparent appearance and that mesmerizing blue sheen.

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A Moonlight Creation?

The moonstone was obviously given its name for its moonlike resemblance.

It is an extraordinarily stunning stone in the feldspar family. The similarity to the moon comes from the light reflected in microscopic ultra thin sheets found inside the gemstone. It's almost like magic!

While it may not be the only birthstone of June, moonstone is by far the most desired one! (Pearl and Alexandrite being the other two.)

Also, as the name implies, the moonstone is closely linked with lunar mystery, and Hindu mythology believes that moonstones were created from the ethereal light of the moon. Can you imagine?

No wonder it's thought to attune you to rhythms of the nature, and help stabilize energies, both surrounding you and within.

Get In On Those Gemstone Superpowers

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Promises Good Nights
(of Sleep or Other Activities)

Moonstone's relation to the moon is undeniable, which is also why its named the protector of the subconscious. Moonstones' relaxing aura is said to treat insomnia and sleepwalking, as well as ward off nightmares.

It even promises beautiful dreams. These gems will simply help you sleep better at night!

Learn how the Moon affects life on Earth!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

But behold! The June birthstone is beneficial for other nightly activities as well.

It is, in fact, reputed as the ultimate fertility jewel! Moonstones will spark vibrant new passion in lovers and fire up the temperature in the bedroom!

So, if you're trying to make a baby (or just have some extra fun), perhaps get a moonstone and see what happens?

Good luck ;)

Nangi Moonstone Treasures

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Want a special moonstone piece just for you? Check our Nangi custom designs.

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