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Jenny: Boss Superstar of Nangi

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In today's article, we take a deep dive into the story behind our favorite boss and the founder of Nangi, Jenny. From a background in business consulting and hydrogen development to creating a unique jewelry brand, Jenny has had a fascinating journey. We will explore her inspirations, challenges, and passion for jewelry, as well as how she has balanced entrepreneurial life with family life. Through Jenny's own words and experiences, we gain insight into what drives her and what makes Nangi the successful company it is today. Join us on a journey through Jenny's world, from the early days of Instagram posts to a fully-fledged jewelry empire.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

An Unusual Start

Jenny has a background that might not be the most typical for a jewelry designer. Before starting Nangi, she worked for five years as a business consulting advisor and then spent four years in the innovation department at Statkraft, focusing on business development and hydrogen. "A little different from fine jewelry, you could say," Jenny says with a smile. The experiences from these roles were highly educational and valuable, and she is grateful for all the lessons she has learned.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Over: Jenny's favorite cut - Radiant

The Road to Nangi

Although Jenny always dreamed of starting her own business, she didn't know what it would be about until life took an unexpected turn. She studied economics and business development, but it was meeting her future husband, Danuka, that set things in motion. Their many trips to Danuka's homeland, Sri Lanka, where they later married, became a significant source of inspiration. "I have always loved jewelry and gemstones," Jenny explains. "With all our trips to Sri Lanka, it felt natural to explore this passion. I discovered that I loved the gemstones there, but in my opinion, the designs were outdated."

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Over: some of our stunning rings from Sri Lanka

This insight, combined with the fact that the Norwegian market at the time primarily offered jewelry in white gold with diamonds, planted the seed for Nangi. Jenny saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it with her own unique designs.

Nangi: From Instagram To Full Time

Nangi started as a passion project with a simple Instagram profile and slow but steady growth. Jenny balanced this with a full-time job and two maternity leaves. "I actually had another full-time job for four whole years after we made our first piece of jewelry, before I finally quit and went all-in with Nangi," she shares. This gradual transition provided her with financial security and confidence in the decision to fully commit to Nangi.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: Jenny's stunnning push present for her third child 🤍

Jenny is grateful for this approach, as it allowed her to test her passion for jewelry over time. "You might find a passion project exciting, but it's a completely different thing to work on it full-time. During those years, I proved to myself that I truly had a genuine passion for Nangi," she says.

A Family Project

Nangi has always been a family project. Jenny started the company with her husband, Danuka, and his family has been a central part of the journey. Her sister-in-law, Ida, developed their entire website. "Working with my sister-in-law Ida has always felt completely right," says Jenny. "Not only is she incredibly skilled at what she does, but there's also a fundamental trust at the core, precisely because we are family."

Read more about our incredible CTO, Ida here!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: a memorable picture from Jenny and Danuka's wedding in Sri Lanka

Jenny also shares that her father, a talented photographer, took all the photos in the early years. "Without his photography skills, it would have been incredibly difficult (and expensive!) for us to create high-quality content for both the online store and social media," she says.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Additionally, her sister and friends often served as hand models and were among their first customers. "Without the support and help from family and friends, it would have been incredibly difficult to get Nangi up and running."

Challenges & Balance

As a mother of three, balancing work and family life is a challenge, but Jenny loves the combination. "Having children naturally imposes limitations in terms of working hours and flexibility. But I love it, and having kids forces me to log off at times," she explains. She also receives significant help from her in-laws, who live nearby, as well as from her own family.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Jenny also highlights one of the downsides of entrepreneurial life: never being completely "off." "The problem is that you love what you do, and honestly prefer working over watching Netflix in the evenings," she says with a smile. To make everyday life manageable, she accepts all the help she can get and pays for assistance at home when needed.

Nangi's Future

Despite challenging economic times in 2024, Jenny remains optimistic about Nangi's future. She is particularly proud of their early decision to offer lab-grown diamonds, which has proven to be the right choice. "Long live sustainability and green choices!" she says enthusiastically. Jenny strongly believes in Nangi's mission to provide jewelry that can endure through generations.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: our beautiful lab-grown diamond rings

Advice For Other Women

Jenny has clear advice for other women aspiring to start their own business: "Find a partner who supports you and wants you to succeed - someone who is hands-on at home. And most importantly: go for it!" She emphasizes the importance of focusing on potential upsides rather than risks, and pursuing the dream of working with something you truly love.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

She concludes with a rallying call to all those dreaming of starting their own venture: "We women shouldn't dwell too much on potential risks, but rather focus on possible rewards. Following your dreams and working with something you love is incredibly rewarding and fun!"

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Through Jenny's passion, perseverance, and support from her family, Nangi has evolved into a successful company that continues to grow and inspire. Her journey is proof that with the right motivation and support, dreams can indeed become reality.

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