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Do Like the Royals – Wear Sapphires

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From ancient Rome to royal courts of today, sapphire has been a favorite jewel among kings and queens for centuries. Can you blame them?

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Antidote for Poison

Sapphires have been used to decorate royal crowns, gowns, jewelry and robes for as long as we know.

And, let’s be honest, can you blame them for preferring these astonishing, jaw-dropping jewels?

Since the olden ages, sapphires have been believed to protect royal families from harm, envy and bad spirits.

Blue sapphires were even thought to be an antidote for poison. No wonder they would adorn stunning sapphires everywhere!

Not All Sapphires Are Blue.

Sapphire Obsession

The British Royal Family in particular has an obsession with sapphires.

Not only are the crown jewels speckled with sapphires, it’s also a favorite gemstone among many of the royal family members.

Queen Elizabeth II herself must've held the record for the most sapphire brooches in the world—she seemed to have one for every occasion.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Beloved Princess Diana was never short of sapphires. Her breathtaking engagement ring is one of the most iconic sapphire rings in the world. It was a 12-carat glittering deep blue sapphire encased by a halo of 14 diamonds.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

When Prince William proposed to his Kate Middleton in 2010, the very same sapphire ring was passed on.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Another royal sapphire is the one of Princess Eugenie. When she got engaged to Jack Brooksbank in 2018, it was with an outstanding padparadscha sapphire, an orange-pink sapphire unique to Sri Lanka.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Check out our custom padparadscha sapphire rings here.

Yas Queen!

Because of its popularity among royals, sapphire rings and jewelry have become to exude integrity, loyalty and elegance.

Blue sapphire is also seen as a symbol of the soul and a true sign of romance.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

That may be the reason why sapphire jewelry is common as gifts for wedding anniversaries, specifically the 5th and 45th.

A powerful sapphire ring is a perfect choice for any sophisticated lady with respect for herself.

Maybe a royal sapphire can’t remedy against your arch enemy or a poisoned cup of wine, but it sure can make you feel like a queen!

See our sapphire ring collection here.

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