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Ida: Tech, Jewelry & Entrepreneurship

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Ida is a remarkable woman with a passion for technology, jewelry, and entrepreneurship. As the CTO of Nangi, her own company Noba, and recently recognized as one of Norway's foremost women in development, she has made her mark on both the tech world and the jewelry industry. We at Nangi greatly admire Ida and want all of you who follow Nangi to get to know her a little better!

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Passion for Technology

Ida's fascination with technology stems from the incredible complexity and innovation that surrounds us every day. "We surround ourselves with technology every single day," she says, "and it's impossible not to be fascinated." She embarked on her journey with a master's degree in electronics from NTNU and has since delved deep into the world of tech.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: Ida's stunning engagement ring - Radiant Swan

Tharindu proposed to Ida in Sri Lanka last summer, with the stunning Radiant Swan!

Nangi Fine JewelryNangi Fine Jewelry

Nangi Journey

When Nangi was founded in 2017, Ida became part of the team and has since been involved in their journey. She shares a close bond with Nangi's origins, as her fiancé Tharindu is the brother of co-founder Danuka. Nangi's commitment to sustainability and support for the orphanage in Sri Lanka has been an integral part of her dedication.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Read more about the orphanage here

The Sisters Behind The Success

Together with Ida, who has been a critical part of Nangi's success as CTO, Jenny has found a unique dynamic. "Working with sister-in-law Ida," she continues, "has always felt just right." Not only is Ida remarkably skilled at what she does, but there's also a deep trust because we are family. "I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to bounce ideas off her," says Jenny, "and it's extra cool that she's also an entrepreneur and understands the same challenges."

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Through Nangi and Ida's own company, Noba, they share not only a common business interest but also a shared passion for what they do. "I think we are both incredibly fortunate to love our jobs," Jenny proudly shares, "and I have great faith in her and her company, Noba!" For Jenny, the core of success lies in passion, and with both Nangi and Noba, they have a solid foundation for future growth and success.

Jewelry As Memories

Ida's relationship with jewelry goes far beyond the aesthetic. Raised by two lovely grandmothers who always looked fantastic with their jewelry and clothes, Ida has inherited not only jewelry but also a legacy of memories and emotions. "When I've been lucky enough to inherit some rings from these fantastic women, as well as from my mom," Ida shares, "I think of them every time I wear them. It creates an invisible bond between us that never fades."

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: one of Ida's many beautiful rings

Each ring has its own unique story, and for Ida, her hands are filled with memories. From the engagement ring from her partner, which reminds her of their love, to rings she has treated herself to after achieving something in her career, they remind her of her strength and accomplishments. "When I need to perform or dress up a little extra," says Ida with a smile, "I like to put on these rings to give myself a little extra confidence boost." 💍

Tech As A Woman

Despite the tech world traditionally being dominated by men, that hasn't stopped Ida. She challenges stereotypes and emphasizes that women have just as much to contribute. "Being a developer and working with technology is absolutely fantastic," she says, "you're helping shape the future."

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Sapphires are a clear favorite here at Nangi and for Ida!

Entrepreneurship and Noba

In addition to her role at Nangi, Ida is a successful entrepreneur with her own company, Noba. Noba is an app that helps people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) manage their symptoms. With over 100,000 downloads, Noba is proof of Ida's ability to solve real problems and create positive change.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: Ida and her team at Noba. Read more about Noba here!

Advice for Future Entrepreneurs

For other women looking to start their own business, Ida has clear advice: "Go for it! Seek advice, spar with others, and go full throttle." She encourages following your passion and not letting fear stand in the way of realizing your dreams.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: Swan Tail

Ida's story is an inspiration to women everywhere looking to make their voices heard in the tech world and entrepreneurship. Her dedication, skill, and courage show that nothing is impossible when you follow your passion and believe in yourself. We love Ida! 🫶

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