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February Birthstone: Amazing Amethyst

Nangi drop

For thousands of years, amethysts have mesmerized peoples of old tribes and ancient empires. The February birthstone is believed to be the most potent healing gemstone of all, no wonder it looks so divine!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Amethyst is the most popular purple gem. Lucky Aquarians and Pisces born in February who have it as their birthstone. They might feel a certain tingly attraction to this beautiful gemstone that comes in a whole range of violet tones.

This gorgeous gem is a type of Quartz found in different purple colors from deep violet and almost red to lighter lilac hues. Amethysts have good toughness, landing at 7 on Mohs scale for gem hardness, and is very suitable in all kinds of jewelry.

Sober in a heartbeat

Amethysts have, in spiritual circles, been associated with the crown chakra and the third eyemaking it a stone that can help you connect the earthly with the divine. And these amazing babes sure do look celestial!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Apparently, the name amethyst means “not-intoxicated” in Greek, and represents sobriety both in spirit and emotions.

There must be something to it, because ancient civilizations, from Egyptians to Greeks and Romans, have celebrated this purple gemstone for thousands of years. For centuries, it has been believed that the stone protects the wearer against drunkenness and general imbalance.

Wow! Amethysts are obviously pure magic. No other stone can do that. Maybe you should try one on and see what happens? ;)

Put it on your body

Those old societies might’ve had it right. Who doesn’t crave some more equilibrium in their lives anyways (especially when drunk)? The February birthstone to the rescue!

Amethysts are used in healing ceremonies all over the world, and is the most potent and powerful healing gemstone of them all. And it truly does work wonders, they say.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Stressful lives can be alleviated simply by placing an amethyst somewhere on your body, perhaps in a pendant on a necklace, in your ears or on your finger.

These violet gemstones are meant to ease your mind and help you regain control of your life. Any frustrations or annoyances you may have, will soon be gone with an amethyst close to your skin.

Check our ​Nangi Amethyst Treasures.

Want to design a jewelry piece with an amethyst? Please hit us up!

And please do find inspiration by our other gorgeous fine jewelry pieces in our Nangi store.

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