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April Birthstone: Luxurious Diamond

Nangi drop

The gemstone of all gemstones is the birthstone of April. Diamonds exuberate light and love, elegance and power. You can’t go wrong with a sustainable lab-grown diamond.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: Double Halo Swan

Diamond is the ultimate gemstone. It continues to be high in demand, as it has been for centuries. One of the reasons for its continuous popularity is its excellent brilliance, but also its super hardness that can even cut glass!

Five reasons why you should choose sustainable diamonds.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Unbreakable love

It is the toughest type of gemstone out there, acing Mohs hardness scale at 10 out of 10.

This makes diamond a perfect match for someone who wants to show off their bling whenever they like, whether it’s at a fancy gala dinner or simply Monday at the office.

Did you know Nangi offers sustainable lab-grown diamonds, as the first jeweler in Norway?

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Radiant Swan stacked with our Diamond Swan Tail & Diamond Snake Tail

The name diamond comes from Greek “diaphanus” meaning transparent and “adamas” meaning unbreakable.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: Diamond Snake Tail & White Gold

So, the birthstone of April is naturally seen as a symbol of unshakeable fidelity and everlasting love. A romantic and classy choice as a gift for a loved one.

How to determine the value of a diamond

What is your birthstone?

Helps you shine bright

Diamonds typically bring out strength and courage in us, and is an abundant source of inspiration to our imagination. These glorious gemstones can even help whoever wears them shine and sparkle more brightly as a person!

This is how lab-grown diamonds are made.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Pictured above: a custom two stone engagement ring made for a client featuring a sustainable lab-grown diamonds and a gorgeous blue sapphire

It is also said that diamonds have the power to drive away bad energy, replacing it with good fortune.

The April birthstone is rumoured to unite mind, body and soul, creating harmony in your life, and thus enhancing your overall wellbeing. No wonder these brilliant diamonds are so popular ;)

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Nangi’s Diamond Collection

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