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Meet The Team!

Nangi drop

Get ready to discover the team behind Nangi—a passionate team of jewelry lovers! We believe it's high time you meet the faces behind the brand. Nestled within our small, tight-knit Nangi family lies a profound adoration for all things jewelry!

Jenny - CEO & Designer

Main Responsibilities

Meet Jenny, co-founder, boss and mother of gems. With a keen eye for quality gemstones, a knack for designing flawless jewelry pieces, and the ability to run the entire Nangi operation like a pro, Jenny does it all! Jenny's passion for crafting stunning jewelry is evident in every piece she creates. With her unique blend of creativity and business acumen, Jenny is a driving force behind Nangi's continued success. She is not only responsible for picking out the finest gemstones and designing exquisite jewelry, but also for writing newsletters that keep our customers up-to-date on the latest trends and happenings at Nangi.

Who is Jenny?

Jenny is originally from Bergen and currently resides in Oslo with her husband, Danuka, their dog, and two wonderful children. With a double master's degree in Business Development & Innovation from Copenhagen Business School and Bocconi University in Milan, Jenny brings a ton of knowledge and experience to her role as a leader of our team. In her free time, Jenny spends time with family and friends, indulges in her love of literature, politics and tennis, and explores her passion for music.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Favorite Gemstone & Cut?

Jenny has a special fondness for the captivating ruby gemstone. Her favorite cut for gemstones is the striking trillion cut, which showcases the unique beauty and color of each stone. When it comes to diamonds, she has a preference for the radiant cut, which adds an extra touch of sparkle and brilliance to any piece of jewelry.

Favorite Stack

One of our stunning Adams Peak rings stacked with our Snake Tail. She loves the floating illusion the placement of the gemstone gives to the overall design, combined with the insane sparkle from the trillion cut gemstone. Did you know that the triangular shape of a trillion cut gemstone is specifically designed to maximize the amount of light that enters and exits the stone? The angles of the facets and the overall shape of the stone are carefully calculated to ensure that light is reflected in the most effective way. Adams Peak combined with a Snake Tail, is in her eyes, the ultimate Nangi stack!

Danuka - Co-founder & CFO

Main Responsibilities

Meet Danuka, co-founder of Nangi. Danuka’s role is helping with thinking “big picture” and how Nangi can deliver value to customers. Moreover, he does everything related to finance, whether it being invoices, budgets or accounting. He ensures that all financial aspects are taken care of and that Nangi has a solid financial foundation.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Who is Danuka?

Danuka is the reason Sri Lanka plays such an important part of our story. His parents emigrated from Sri Lanka to Norway in the late 70's. Growing up in Oslo, Danuka and his family frequently traveled back to Sri Lanka to visit relatives in Colombo. Jenny and Danuka got married in Sri Lanka, and shortly after the proposal, their Nangi baby came about.

Learn more about their love story here.

Danuka has a passion for cricket and enjoys swimming in the ocean year-round. He is also an avid Twitter user! He graduated from The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and works as a Management Consultant when he’s not busy with Nangi. With his unique background and diverse interests, Danuka brings knowledge and perspective to our organization as a strategic leader and valued member of our team.

Favorite Piece of Nangi Jewelry

Danuka wears his Gold Panther Chain every single day, and he has the matching Panther Chain Bracelet in Silver. His wedding band is His Rounded Love Band in rose gold, which is very different from Jenny’s wedding band, namely Hitched in yellow gold! It's worth noting the distinction between their metal colors, emphasizing that wedding rings don't necessarily have to match in design or metal choice.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: Gold Panther Chain

Favorite Stack

Whatever Jenny is wearing! ;)

Karoline - Order & Showroom Manager

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Main Responsibilities

At Nangi, Karoline has a wide spectrum of responsibilities - from ensuring your exquisite jewelry pieces are delivered safely to you, to keeping our showroom spotless and running smoothly. She has to pay meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of her work, as she oversees our goldsmiths' operations and ensures the highest quality standards are met.

As a valuable member of our customer service team, Karoline also excels in communicating with our customers and resolving any inquiries or issues they may have. Karoline’s job is basically ensuring that every part of your Nangi experience is perfect!

Who is Karoline?

Karoline grew up in Vestby, a small town located just outside of Oslo. While she spent most of her adult life in Oslo, she now resides on Nesodden, alongside her wonderful children and fiancé. You might spot her aboard the ferry as she commutes to Nangi! Karoline studied Graphic Design at Kristiania Fagskole, yet her true passion lies in the realms of organization, retail, strategy, and visual merchandising.

During her leisure time, she finds solace in her garden, tending to her plants, enjoying cycling excursions complete with a charming picnic basket, or immersing herself in cultural experiences such as theater performances and concerts. Karoline's diverse interests and expertise contribute to her vibrant personality and enrich her life both personally and professionally.

Favorite Gemstone & Cut

Karoline finds it hard to pick a favorite, but she loves the allure of rubies. This affection comes from the fact that rubies happen to be the birthstone of her beloved daughter. Additionally, Karoline finds that rubies exude a sense of power and evoke nostalgic emotions within her. Her favorite cut is oval, as she happens to have a stunning oval engagement ring!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Favorite Stack

Karoline’s favorite stack is one of our ruby rings stacked with a snake tail and our beautiful swan tail. The colors black and red give this stack a unique and classy look.

Mie - Content Creator

Main Responsibilities

Meet the visual genius behind Nangi's stunning Instagram feed and photography - Mie. As the mastermind behind our visual expression, she brings our jewelry to life through her captivating photograph. From social media to graphic material, Mie is the driving force behind Nangi's visual presence, and we're grateful to have her on our team!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Who is Mie?

Hailing from Høvik, Bærum, Mie currently calls Oslo home, along with her cute sidekick, Phoebe. Armed with a bachelor's degree in international studies from Kristiania University College and a pretty cool professional certificate in nail technique, she's got the perfect mix of brains and style! When not perfecting the photos for our feed and website, Mie loves embarking on epic forest strolls, organizing theme nights with friends (complete with wine, of course), road tripping, discovering the hidden gems of Norway, and finding unique spots to camp, sometimes even opting for a hammock siesta. Life's an adventure, and Mie is living it to the fullest!

Favorite Gemstone & Cut

Mie's heart dances to the tune of diamonds and sapphires, with a soft spot for the lighter hues like light green, gentle blue, and peach. When it comes to cuts, she's all about the timeless elegance of ovals and the dazzling brilliance of radiant cuts—they make her heart skip a sparkle!

Favorite Stack

Mie is all about the glam, and her favorite stack is the living proof! She adores the sophisticated allure of Adams Peak, adorned with diamonds, harmonizing seamlessly with our iconic Snake Tail, and crowned with the elegant Swan Tail. It's a true glam stack, sparkling with the magic of diamonds!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: Cinderella Blue Adams Peak, stacked with Diamond Snake Tail and Swan Tail

Ebba - Marketing & Client Consultant

Main Responsibilities

Ebba writes the articles for our website helping to shape our brand voice and communicate our values on our website. Ebba also works with Google Analytics, where she utilizes her skills to optimize our online presence. In addition to her contributions as a content writer and analytics specialist, Ebba serves as a client consultant, making her a key point of contact for visitors to our showroom.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Who is Ebba?

Originally from Oslo, Ebba's passion for communication led her to study journalism in London, where she lived for six years. In addition to her work at Nangi, Ebba is also pursuing a Master's degree in Marketing at Kristiania College, where she's deepening her knowledge of branding and consumer behavior. In her free time, Ebba enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen, exploring literary worlds through her reading, and traveling the globe.

Favorite Gemstone & Cut

Ebba has a deep appreciation for the beauty and durability of sapphires. With their stunning range of colors, sapphires are one of her favorite gemstones. When it comes to choosing the perfect cut for a gemstone, Ebba's go-to choices are the elegant pear cut and the striking radiant cut.

Favorite Stack

Ebba’s favorite jewelry stack is a show-stopping combination of one of our Peacock Rings, Diamond Snake Tail, and Diamond Swan Tail. This trio of stunning pieces is the perfect mix of bling and elegance, and it's sure to turn heads!

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: One of Ebba's rings Green Hexagon Peacock stacked with Diamond Snake Tail, and Diamond Swan Tail

Ida - CTO

Main Responsibilities

Ida is the genius behind our website, which she built it from scratch with her exceptional skills in web development. She is a master of turning our wildest website ideas into reality and making them work flawlessly. Her attention to detail and problem-solving skills are truly remarkable, and she ensures that our website is always up-to-date and user-friendly. In addition to her contributions to Nangi, Ida is also the co-founder of Noba, a digital tool aimed at helping people manage their IBS symptoms.

Who is Ida?

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Ida holds a master's degree in Electronics from NTNU, and she has been working as a Web Developer since 2016. During her free time, she enjoys indulging in her passions for reading, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as snowboarding and cooking.

Favorite Gemstone & Cut

Ida absolutely adores sapphires and their enchanting range of colors (read more about sapphires and all their colors here). Moreover, she values their remarkable durability. When it comes to the cut of sapphires, she particularly loves the brilliant sparkle of the radiant cut.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: One of Idas stunning rings Radiant Yellow Sapphire & Diamonds

Favorite Stack

Ida has a large Nangi collection, and two insane Nangi sapphire rings (one bicolored and one yellow) that she loves to wear together and stacked with heirloom jewelry that she has inherited from her grandparents. Nangi rings are perfect for stacking with your already beloved jewelry!

Anita - Marketing Specialist

Main Responsibilities

Anita spearheads our advertising and marketing efforts, strategizing on the best placement for our ads around the world while analyzing their performance.

Who is Anita?

Anita, originally from Stavanger, now resides in Oslo, but you won't find her there often, as she is always jet-setting off to exciting destinations to immerse herself in diverse cultures around the world! She holds a Master's degree in Industrial Design from NTNU in Trondheim. Outside of work, you can find her climbing mountains, hiking trails, and whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Favorite Gemstone & Cut

Anita has a particular fondness for the captivating garnet and teal-colored sapphires. Her preference for square-shaped gemstones is evident, with the emerald and radiant cut being her top choices for their timeless elegance and striking brilliance.

Favorite Stack

Anita has the most incredible Nangi stack! She has the gorgeous Purple Haze, stacked with the Pink Snake Tail in rose gold. The only thing she is missing to complete her dream stack is the stunning Diamond Snake Tail in Rose Gold.

Nangi Fine Jewelry

Above: Anita's amazing stack - Purple Haze & Pink Snake Tail

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