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Ring Protection 101: How to Keep Your Rings Safe During Frequent Hand Washing and Sanitizing

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As the world seems to have moved on from the COVID-19 pandemic, hand hygiene has remained a top priority in the efforts to curb the spread of bacteria. Frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers have become the new normal for many people. However, for those who wear rings, there is growing concern about the impact of constant hand washing and sanitizing on their beloved pieces of jewelry.

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The question on many people's minds is whether all this hand washing and hand sanitizer during coronavirus is bad for their rings. The short answer is that it depends on the type of metal and stones used in the ring.

Which rings require additional care?

For rings made of precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum, frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing should not cause any significant harm. These metals are durable and can withstand the rigors of frequent cleaning. However, over time, constant exposure to water and chemicals may cause the metal to lose its luster or tarnish.

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For rings with gemstones or lab-grown diamonds, the concern is not so much about the metal but the stones themselves. Certain gemstones are more delicate and prone to damage from exposure to water and chemicals. For instance, opals, pearls, and emeralds are porous and can absorb water, which can cause them to crack or discolor over time.

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To minimize the risk of damage to your rings, it is advisable to remove them before washing your hands or using hand sanitizer. If you must wear your rings, it is recommended to dry them thoroughly after washing your hands and avoid using hand sanitizer on them.

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In addition to frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing, other activities such as doing the dishes, swimming, or using cleaning products can also impact the longevity of your rings. It is essential to be mindful of these activities and take necessary precautions to protect your rings.

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In conclusion, the hand washing and hand sanitizing is not necessarily bad for your rings, but it is crucial to be mindful of the impact it may have on your jewelry. By taking the necessary precautions, you can protect your rings and ensure that they remain beautiful for years to come.

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