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Marquise Peacock

Marquise Peacock

While this one-of-a-kind piece was made for a client, we are able to create a unique version just for you within your desired price range. Please contact us by email if this is of interest. If you want to read more about our custom process, click here.


  • The Marquise Peacock features a 0,70 carat blue sapphire set in 14K solid yellow gold
  • The ring band is flat and measures 1,5 mm in the width
  • Marquise Peacock is perfect for the girl who prefers a low profile, and the ring also stacks really well with our Snake Tails
  • She's a personal and thoughtful gift for a girl born in September (or a mother who gave birth in this month), but she's also a stunning power ring or a highly unique engagement ring if you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary
  • This ring is a one-off, making it a unique addition to any jewelry collection


Every piece is hand made with love, and we are so sure about the quality of our products that we offer a lifetime warranty should there be any manufacturing fault.

For more information on the Nangi warranty, please visit our Terms & Conditions page


This piece is made-to-order just for you and cannot be refunded. For more information on Nangi returns, please visit our Terms & Conditions page

About the marquise cut

The marquise cut is a classic and historic gemstone shape that captures hearts thanks to its whimsical shape that resembles a smile. Although we don't blame you if you see something else. Marquise cut stones are also called boat-shaped and eye-shaped diamonds, or the navette. None of these are incorrect; in fact, the “navette” cut diamond, which translates from the French language to “little ship,” is often considered similar in shape to all these things.

The long-thin body and pointed ends draws the eye up, so your fingers will look longer and thinner when you're sporting this ring. Moreover, this gemstone shape's elongated body can make its appearance larger than its actual carat weight. So you'll be able to buy the same carat weight and have your gemstone look bigger than someone who purchases, say, a round brilliant diamond.

The word “marquise” is derived from French, and refers to the wife of a marquis (nobleman) – also called a marchioness. A marquise (marchioness) can also be a woman who has a high social ranking in her own right – a noblewoman.

The origin of a marquise cut gemstone lies in 18th century France, during the reign of King Louis XV. It is believed that the King wanted a diamond resembling the full lips of his lover, Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, Jean Antoinette Poisson. The result was a stone that indicated high social ranking in the French court.

Despite its dramatic look, marquise cut gemstone rings are rarely seen in engagement rings; but for some non-traditional brides, that only increases the appeal. This is the perfect ring for couples looking for a unique ring to celebrate their love and devotion, and a gorgeous choice for a girl who's looking for a power ring out of the ordinary.


Most jewelry customers think all sapphires are blue, but in fact sapphires come in a rainbow of colors from white, black, brown, gray, violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and intermediate hues. Some sapphires exhibit the phenomenon known as color change, most often going from blue in daylight or fluorescent lighting to purple under incandescent light.

Sapphire scores a 9 on Mohs scale, and thus has excellent toughness and does not break easily when struck. This makes it a great choice for rings subject to daily wear.

For centuries, sapphire has been associated with royalty and romance. The world’s most famous engagement ring is Kate Middleton’s and Princess Diana’s blue sapphire, the "Royal Blue" - a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September, and is the gemstone of creative expression and inner peace and meditation. Traditionally, sapphire symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. It has decorated the robes of royalty and clergy members for centuries. In ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens were convinced that blue Sapphires protected their owners from envy and harm.


Finding your ring size

All of our rings are standard EU sizes. If you don’t know your EU size, you can visit a local jeweller and have them measure your finger or one of your rings to determine the correct ring size. If you are unable to do this, please feel free to use our options below.


  • Take a piece of paper and wrap it around the finger
  • Mark the exact spot where the ends join
  • With a ruler, measure the length from end to end
  • Use the chart below to find the correct size (e.g. EU size 42 = 42 mm circumference)


Measure the diameter of a ring you know fits the person you are giving the ring to. Alternatively: choose the most common ring size (EU 54/17.2 mm/US size 7) and have your local jeweler adjust the ring if needed afterwards.
EUDiameter (mm)US

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